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About Us

Our Story So Far…

The team at Rainbow Candies have been making sugar confections in Lancashire since 1996.

We started life making sugar candies: wheel lollipops, humbugs ,chopped rock candy and lettered rock.

Using refined white sugar, bright colours and delicious flavourings we make our candy in a boiling the traditional way. The colouring, flavouring and when needed, the designs, lettering or stripes are hand created by our team of skilled sugar boilers.

In more recent years we have moved into manufacturing a range of twist wrapped fudges and toffees. In 2023 the range expanded to include smooth fudge cubes, fudge bars and crumbly fudges.

We also make a limited range of boiled, twist wrapped sweets to order.

We specialise in private label work, so if you have a private label project you’d like to talk about we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the best quality fudge, cinder toffee and sugar candies in the UK, for both commercial and private clients. Our passion for keeping out customers happy is what sets Rainbow Candies apart from anyone else in the market. 

Rainbow Candies Fudge

Everything Made In The UK

All our products are manufactured here in the UK using the finest ingredients. So if you have a project in mind, make sure you speak to the team on

Rainbow Candies Cinder Toffee

“The greatest assorted fudge”

I was amazed as a box of rainbow candies, the greatest assorted fudge came to me this weekend, many happy memories came flooding back.

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